Gimli, the older friend of Dog Herring


During the National Atelier weekend we visited the studios of Robert Broos and Maud Quaedvlieg. And suddenly we saw him, Gimli ! He is the older friend of Dog Herring, the hero in our new book. For insiders; at his age he needs glasses …The photo of Gimli is made by Robert Broos, it is one of his three dogs. He used the albumin-seawater technique for this. A technique for people with patience. Robert makes beautiful photographs both analogue and digital and he also gives workshops.Check this out on:

Sustainable listening with this old amplifier


This is sustainable. Thirty years ago I went with my brother Peter to the city to get a replacement drive string for my turntable, because it did ran nice anymore. Once back from the city I did not buy a new string but I bought a complete new set. I gave the turntable to my brother, who sanded the string (gosh, how simple it can be) and he had a good running device. He happy, I happy, we happy.

Sustainable amplifier

This week my Pioneer DC-X11Z came to an end, which I still used during my drum exercises. It was not a high-end model, but it did a high-end time.

This device, which cost 1000, – guilders at the time, has therefore raised its money over and over.

If you reckon with it: 30 years are 11284 days and in those 30 years (in this case) there were 8 leap years, which sums up to a total of 11292 days. The price converted to euros was € 447,01. That brings us to a price per year of € 1,23 / € 1.22 per year or € 0,04 per day.

I’ll let it stand for a moment. Farewell to so many years of loyal service is never fun …

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Read in the ‘Children’s Book Garden’


After a nice conversation with Annelies Harzing from the recently opened children’s bookstore ‘The Children’s Book Garden’ in the Speelhuislaan in Breda, she read the next day our first book “Who lives in the tree?”. There was also a snake in the tree and we did not know that 😉

She also got a sneak peak from our new book-in-process Hondje Haring!

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Ruud & Margot










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Adventures? A new year, new adventures


Matthew is walking, he walks towards? what are the next adventures?

Max laüft, Wohin laüft er? Das nächste Abenteuer?
Mees is aan het lopen, waar loopt hij naar toe? Het volgende avontuur?
Simon est la marche, il marche vers? La prochaine aventure?
Ramón es caminar, camina hacia? La próxima aventura?


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Instruction for an original Christmas greeting

Christmas greeting

Follow instructions for an original Christmas greeting

  1. Find eye contact with roommate (level 1) or animal (level 2) or unknown (level 3).
  2. Put your arm in the air (see example) You may also use both arms!
  3. Important keep eye contact and choose what is best for you and your situation:
  • blink with your eyes (for beginners) or
  • Give a fat wink (advanced) or
  • whistle ‘Rudolph the Red nosed reindeer’ or ‘Jingle bells’ (very advanced) or
  • all at the same time (to show off) and
  1. Swing with your hand (s) and show a smile on your face from ear to ear!

Success assured and go with a smile into 2016!

Christmas greeting

Ruud & Margot

This Christmas greeting is drawn by Ruud and written by Margot. Together we are Sparkling Society and with our stories and illustrations, we want to make the world more colourful and happier. Also in 2016, do you join? Just follow us on Facebook Sparkling Society Stories & Illustrations.

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