Magical moment in Limburg clay



It was magical. It all started during one of the many walks we have made in the Limburg hills with muddy shoes and mistletoe above our heads. While walking the stories came naturally and we complemented each other.

From our fantasies came a story about ‘Sinterklaas’ and his helpers, who had a lot of adventures. Unfortunately, we forgot to write the story down and it went lost, as so many good stories are lost in the world. But what is not still can come, you never know ……

And so it happened that one morning we found in our house a covered breakfasttable with a little note. Written in graceful, handwritten writing; “Dear friends, we wish you a nice breakfast!” Yours sincerely, signed with ΔΔΔ. We looked at each other quizzically and replied simultaneously: “What fun!, Did you do this for me? No, not really. Again we studied the sendernames with a magnifying glass and we discovered that there was more in our imaginative world than we could ever have imagined. Rien Poortvliet had already written aboutit and we thought yeah, yeah ?! That’s all nice, but surely that is really fabricated. Surely not, so ….

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