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Comments: At primary school the ‘Vijf Eiken’ in Rijen, during the children’s week in the Central Library of Breda, ‘de Windhoek’ in Terheijden and AZC Budel we read for children in group 1-3 and with children from group 4-7 we gave a ¬†lesson in book/story making. It led to new stories and beautiful reactions, followed by a small anthology.

About the story and the drawings; “Very very beautiful drawn and I think it’s a fun story, and the animals are very funny.” “Matthew is a hero and Sophia a princess. Matthew saves the princess!” “May we have your signature?”

About the illustrations: “N,o that can not be drawn, it’s a movie it’s just real!” “How long do you work on an illustration? That long? We need to finish a drawing within a half hour, the teacher said. ”

About the doors, “Our door has a cat hatch and then the neighbor’s pussy came in to our house and that’s a big pussy, it did not fit through the hatch!” “I have two different front doors; one with my father and the other with my mother. ”

Sending over the cards; “To my boyfriend in Sweden, he was first my neighbor and has now moved to Sweden.”

About your favorite food: “spinach, sandwich peanutbutter and seaweed”

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